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Erich Keser(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! Your bird pictures are some of the best out there, and the landscapes and flowers are stunning.

I found your gallery when I looked for a more personal name to address you by, in thankful reply to your helpful post answering my DPreview query about the best books and sources of information on the Olympus EM1 mark 2.
Brian Drinkwater(non-registered)
Ex Brit living in Florida (flbrit on DPR)

Really nice work. Love it.

Thanks for your help
sewa mobil lombok(non-registered)
liburan termurah dan menyenangkan di lombok bersama kami http://bit.ly/sewamobillombok
Saw your kingfisher on DPR amazing colour and like you I can't resist photographing them. Thanks for posting and I have enjoyed looking around your website.
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